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 It's simple - my vision

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It's simple - my vision Empty
PostSubject: It's simple - my vision   It's simple - my vision Icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 10:26 pm

My vision about eCan is very simply.
1. Taxes.
We no need high taxes. Why? Because economic module is sucks. I propose 1% for all taxes.
2. No more support for MUs.
3. Be neutral country. No more loose and need money for MPP. We are not a big and strong so we can't fight against eSpain, eUS, and many others. MoFA must make more friendly for all our neighbours. The government will no more support any military campain.
All MUs fight where like.
4. Terriory. We don't have many active eCanadians, so (if eSpain refused give us more provinces) we need only Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scota and Prince Edward Island. We can make with eSpan training wars.

Comments please... Very Happy
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It's simple - my vision
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