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 Party Platform

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PostSubject: Party Platform   Party Platform Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2012 5:50 pm

Behold the platform of the United Party of Canada:

Quote :
-Equality among all Canadian's; Franco, Anglo or Bilingual.
-Helping new players grow and become productive citizens.
-Giving a voice back to the layman.

-Income tax to be held below 5%
-Vat on all commodities to be held at no lower then 15% and no higher then 18%

-Honest Politics, allowing everyone a fair voice.
-Hard Working Congressmen who stay informed on all issues within Canada.
-Supporting a CP candidate who best embodies our Platform, be it one of our own, or someone else.

-Provide NE battles and war for eCanada whenever logically possible.
-Support our allies and be a trusted and respected voice in our Alliances.
-Keeping Canada Sovereign and holding all native territories.
-Provide sustainable MU funding that involves;

a. Supplying MU's based on their damage/power output and actual size.
b. Supplying MU's only if they agree to and carry out both supplying members as they see fit and using a portion of the funding to help players become self sustaining

The Party Beliefs:
Quote :
As a member:
1. I believe eCanada should stay a sovereign nation, no matter the cost.
2. I believe in social programming to help better our nation and every Canadian.
3. I believe in modest taxes that does not:
a. Make it hard on consumers or corporations to make a living.
b. Make it impossible to fund social programs.
c. Make it impossible to Fund our military keeping us sovereign and secure.

4. I believe in open politics. Giving every Canadian a voice and free will to run for UPC Congress or Party President.
5. I believe in a unified Canada and will help carry out the decision of the majority.
6. I believe the Coalition is a threat to Canadian stability and unity therefore being kept from power.

As a Congress member:
1. I believe in the UPC platform and beliefs.
2. I believe that being a representative of the UPC is a job and nothing less.
3. I believe that my job is to better Canada by proposing and passing laws based off UPC platform.
4. I believe I have the job of not just answering for myself when voting but for answering for the UPC.

As a Party President:
1. I believe in furthering the party, unifying it and keeping it as the voice of our people.
2. I believe that this is not just a title, but a job.
3. I believe that I have to answer to the party and not the other way around.


Regarding any changes that some may wish to make to the Platform, if you feel that something here should be Added, Removed or Modified, please open a Poll stating the section you wish to change, and the change made. We will use the polls to keep the interests of the Members 100% open to discussion and change if they feel like it.

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Party Platform
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