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 Charitable Organization Project

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Lord Julian Moretti

Lord Julian Moretti

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PostSubject: Charitable Organization Project   Charitable Organization Project Icon_minitimeSat Oct 13, 2012 7:18 pm

Hey guys, Julian here.

About 2 years ago i became a Buddhist and when i started i found it very tough to learn where to begin. Being born and raised Catholic i was used to baptisms and promotion ceremonies. As such it took me about a year to get my full bearings on what it means to be a Buddhist and its customs. As such over the years i have worked on projects to help new Westerners to Buddhism understand the customs so they will never be as lost as i was.

A common question is (for example) is "do i need to use red candles on my shrine?" or "what goes on my shrine?"

Anyways, why I'm telling you all this is because i wanna know if anyone can find it in their heart to donate to my project so i can continue putting more information on it. The side is and right now its a free template. I am hoping to move to in the next year. With $3.95 a month you can help me register the name. Please don't see this as begging.

Even pennies will help, but don't feel forced.

Kindly thanks.


PS: If any of you ever have a project i'll be happy to donate to the cause.
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Charitable Organization Project
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