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PostSubject: Ardy4Intro   Ardy4Intro Icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 1:32 am

Well, hey, I'm pretty sure I should introduce myself, being the guy who introduced the idea to everyone...

Hi there, I'm Ardikus V2, I'm a High School Student in my Senior Year in Quebec. I have been a Congressman two times before and have been Party President of the CanVision Party twice. In terms of Military Experience I have been a TCO member my entire eLife, and have been all the ranks below Executive, including being Captain of the 2nd Legion and the 6th Legion, and am currently a Lieutenant in the 2nd. I hope to bring to the Party the experience I have, as well as ideas. I want to make this Party have an open atmosphere where every member has a say in what goes on, so that anyone can become involved in Politics.
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